Wings and Emptiness

The canyon echoes with the wren’s falling notes—
When the sound reaches my ears, I am also falling.
All of us wish for wings and emptiness.

The clouds clothe and unclothe our fiery star—
A gentle breeze sings all of the cloud notes.
The vast sky is an amphitheater for emptiness.

Rusty green and orange words are scribbled 
On the rocks—the spells they cast slowly eat the stone.
It takes enormous appetite to digest emptiness.

Soft white whiskers cover mahogany buds—
Flycatcher diverts us away from her home. 
Love and danger are wedded to emptiness.

Joshua, you know makeshift dwellings are suitable 
For travelers—yet, leaving this nest fills you with sorrow. 
Where you are going, the meadowlarks teach emptiness.

“Eagle Canyon” by Joshua Paquette

“Eagle Canyon” by Joshua Paquette